Final step - security check
Please provide us with your Identity (ID) verification photo so that we are sure that the payment is authorized by the credit card holder.
Identity (ID) verification photo
Please upload your identity (ID) verification photo
You, your identification document and the hand-written note should be clearly visible.
What is an identity (ID) verification photo?

An identity (ID) verification photo is the most recent photo taken of the Lamborghini Store customer who paid for the order, along with a hand-written (not typed) note and an identity document (passport, social ID, etc.). Below is a guideline showing how the note and ID document must be held in order to get a clear enough image of the account holder and the documents, allowing us to reliably confirm the identity of the payer.
The handwritten paper should read 'Lamborghini Store' next to your face and should include the current date using the format shown below (Month Day, Year).

Why do we need this?

This lets us know that the image is current, and it makes it difficult for someone to fake your identity and make an unauthorized payment with your credit card.

Note: Only our security staff who are trained to handle identity verifications will see your image once you submit them. They are then encrypted and stored offline.

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